Our ExamPrep system with its tutorial covers the school material of the last two years before the school leaving exam or the Abitur as well as many basics of the universities.

The query

First choose the subject you want to learn now, then your level.

Works according to the oldest and best proven system of Lernkarteni, as it has long been known and of Leitner has been described.

It works very simply:

Infographic "Learning Card"At the beginning of your first query session, all questions and their answers are in the first compartment. Correctly answered questions move one compartment further, wrong answers stay where they are.

Questions that were not answered correctly are retrieved for recycling faster than those that have been answered correctly.

For many questions you should click in the answer "right" or "wrong". Of course you should not cheat, cheating yourself does not bring anything to anyone ... your goal is to be able to retain the knowledge & skills in your head! For some query types, such as blanks or multiple choice questions, the system automatically picks up your correct or incorrect answer.

In another expanded step of our system important terms are underlined on the reply cards. The definitions can be called up directly with the mouse over the term (hover) as a pop-up.

The bars next to the questions show you at a glance how well you already mastered the substance of these questions. The bars symbolize the thickness of your stack of flashcards. The more green cards, the better - the orange and red stacks need to be recycled and learned more completely.

You have the topic under control when all cards are in the green zone. Then the subject is anchored in your long-term memory.

The definition module

Mainly in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, it is crucial that all persons who exchange themselves with the help of technical terms understand the same. For successful scientific communication, you should therefore learn these terms as quickly and correctly as possible. Since we systematically query definitions, our students are learning significantly faster and easier. The definitions can either be retrieved as a list or retrieved as a selection in the answer mode of "queries" via mouse movement over the underlined terms with pop-up. In between, it is very worthwhile, just once again briefly to read parts of the list in order to visualize concepts or to learn these also by heart. But please brain-friendly, that means with a good, best own fitting example - be it a funny story or a donkey bridge; and this is best associated with emotions.

The abstract

These help you to capture only the most important things as briefly and concisely as possible at a glance. Suitable for a short repetition - a check-up on what you know (or not yet); in the form of an A4 page, which provides a handy "short and sweet" summation of the most important aspects of the chosen topic.
These summaries are written by our experienced teachers who specialize in exam preparation, and they have been successfully tested by our students.

The exercises

As you know, "practice makes perfect". The exercises are didactically structured so that you start with the basics and build upon them. Again, our star and elephant system applies: the more stars, the higher the level. The more filled elephants, the more exam relevant or generally more important the material is.

If you get stuck in a practice, you can get a solution tip with a mouse click.

The exercises include annotated solutions. It is important that you can understand how to find the solutions step by step. The goal is that you learn what questions you have to ask yourself in order to come to a correct solution in this task type.

The test

The test module shows you clearly what you have already mastered, and where there are still gaps. There are different modules depending on the subject. An evaluation shows you what you have solved correctly and what errors you make. Again, there are annotated solutions that will help you find the right solution for the next similar task.

The good: Any mistake you make in the system here will not be undermined by the exam - cool, right?

Fan and level selection system

Our subject and level selection system (linked to the subject level selection page) ensures that all learners can find the right level at which to begin as efficiently as possible so that they can start learning immediately.

  • First select your subject that you would like to review and study.
  • Then select the appropriate level.

The steps give you an idea of ​​where to start. It is suggested that you start a step ahead of your current level. If you have the impression that the level is too easy or too difficult, you can change it at any time in the menu above. The system then puts the material together for the next higher level.

The steps:

1 star * = about 2 years before graduation,

2 stars ** = about 1 year before matriculation / high school graduation,

3 star *** = about Matura / Abitur,

4 star **** = Elementary College, Basics

5 star ***** = advanced university, technical-scientific direction