Entrance exam University of Zurich Annual course 2019 / 2020

Preparation course for the Direct Entrance Examination University of Zurich

One-Year course 2019 / 2020

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course Description

Preparation course for the Direct Entrance Exam of the University of Zurich - start your studies at the University of Zurich with a full backpack!

Course Information

Date of execution: 28. October 2019 to 22. May 2020
Place : ExamPrep GmbH, Bändlistrasse 31, 8064 Zurich
Holidays :

  • Christmas: 23.12.2019 - 05.01.2020
  • Sports holidays: 10.02.2020 - 23.02.2020
  • Easter: 10.04.2020 - 26.04.2020

Block courses:
Lessons from Economics and Law: 27.04.20 - 30.04.20 (during the semester break)

Examination date:
The Direct Entrance Examination of the University of Zurich will take place at the beginning of June 2020 (exact date still unknown).

Performance guaranteed. Course entry possible at any time upon consultation with school management. Currently only few spots are available!

teaching through lectures

Expected Requirements:

  • Good German and English skills (level B2 at start of the course)
  • Second language (French, Spanish or similar): about level B2 * at the beginning of the course
  • Familiarity with selectively designated literature in the second language
  • Knowledge of selectively designated English literature
  • Studious diligence and academic discipline.


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How long does it take to get a visa to attend the attendance course?

Until a visa is obtained, 2 weeks can pass until 3 months.

How long can I attend a preparatory course for entrance exams to universities in Switzerland (with and without visas)?

A visa is valid for a maximum of 365 days. Included in these 365 days is also your exam time!
For participants without visa requirements there are no restrictions.

What previous knowledge do I need for the different courses?

In general, the shorter the course visit before the exam, the better should be the technical knowledge and the German language skills.
ETH: Focus is on mathematics, physics and chemistry. Biology can also be learned from about zero in the course of the intensive course, with appropriate use. There should be a good foundation in the subjects of mathematics and physics. Joy and interest in abstract thinking are a necessary prerequisite. The better you already mastered a subject, the more gaps you can "afford" in the other subjects. For example, if you have chosen "standard level" in the IB in Mathematics & Physics and can not demonstrate any previous chemistry education, then the 11 Intensive Course Weeks will hardly suffice for preparation. For a person with sufficient previous knowledge, the intensive course is sufficient. If the person is insufficiently educated in some important subjects, the annual course consisting of the advanced and intensive course is compulsory. For a non-binding assessment please contact the school management. During the first week of the course, we offer non-binding taster days during which you can visit all our lessons on a trial basis. It will then be clearer if the level of knowledge in the respective subjects is sufficient. We are also happy to send you some self-assessment tests.

ECUS: Requires significantly less knowledge of mathematics in advance.
German: At the beginning of the annual course, students should be rated approximately level B2 or higher, especially for reading literate subjects such as History and Literature.
English about B2 at the beginning of the course.

Uni directly: German: At the beginning of the annual course, students should be rated approximately level B2 or higher, especially for reading literate subjects such as History and Literature.
English: approximately B2 at the beginning of the course. Literature is required.
Second language (French, Spanish, ..): approximately B2 at the beginning of the course. Literature is required.

What knowledge of German do I have to bring with me at the beginning of the course?

ETH: Exam registration requires completion of the C1 "good" level (or another qualification at the same level). Click here to get more information directly from ETH Zurich.

This certificate must already be present when registering for the entrance exam. Important is a timely registration. One has to keep in mind that the results will be made some time later. If all C1 exams are fully booked in Switzerland, you can complete the Austrian Language Exam (Link: http://www.osd.at), also with "good", also on request at short notice in Salzburg. Current information is available from the school administration.
Intensive course ETH: just before C1 "good" or C2
Annual Courses ETH, ECUS, Uni directly: at the beginning of September in about B2

Which payment options do I have?

You can pay the invoice, preferably via e-banking.
In general, the course is payable in advance. At least one deposit is required to attend the course. After consultation with the school administration, installment payments are also possible, either in two or four installments or in monthly installments.

Prices / availability

Price List Annual Course University of Zurich

On our price list you will get a detailed overview of our course prices, usage costs of the in-house video system, copying and teaching material costs.


Please contact us by phone or e-mail. You will find the contact details on the right side. In the future you will be able to register directly online.