ETH entrance examination

This course is specially designed to provide intensive preparation for the ETH entrance exam, including access to our online learning system offering:

  • Practice exercise tasks and solutions
  • Query tool and study cards with thousands of questions
  • Anytime access via Internet and your computer

The ETH entrance exam

Anyone who enjoys and is interested in technical and scientific topics and issues will find what they are looking for at ETH Zurich. Accordingly, the ETH entrance exam also places a strong focus on subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics.

There are two different variants of the ETH entrance exam: The Comprehensive and the Reduced entrance exam, Which exam is to be completed? If the candidate has a specialist background that closely resembles or even corresponds to that of a Swiss graduate, the Reduced Entrance Examination is sufficient in many cases. If the Swiss Matur's own educational background does not look very good (eg because some important subjects have not been examined), you have to register for the Comprehensive Entrance Examination. This is not a rule but only a tendency! Please consult the country list of "Swiss Universities". There you will find detailed information on the conditions of admission under each country:

Depending on whether you take the reduced or the comprehensive entrance examination, different numbers of subjects are examined:

The following link provides further information on the admission requirements for the entrance examination:

How are the ExamPrep preparatory courses for the ETH entrance exam organized?

The following table provides an overview of the number of lessons in the individual course modes (advanced, intensive or annual course) in preparation for the reduced or comprehensive entrance exam:

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