ECUS exam

This special course prepares for the ECUS exam in Zurich, access to our online learning system including:

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The ECUS exam

The ECUS exam (Éxamen Complémentaire des Hautes Écoles Suisses) is a supplementary exam and is used for admission to some Swiss universities, colleges and universities of teacher education.

The following subjects are tested at the ECUS exam:

Following is the link to the websites of ECUS and the organization "Swiss Universities", where you can find additional general information about the exam:

Each university has its own criteria regarding examination admission. For information on the admission and for the registration for the ECUS exam, please inform yourself directly at your desired university:

How are the ExamPrep preparation courses for the ECUS exam organized?

The following table provides an overview of the number of lessons offered in the individual course modes (advanced, intensive or annual course) in preparation for the ECUS exam:

Click on the following links for detailed information on the start, duration, costs and registration for the individual preparation courses for the ECUS exam:

ECUS Annual Course 2019 / 120
ECUS intensive course 2019