Regular courses for the entrance examinations

What are the opportunities, requirements, programs, and options to study in Switzerland?

For 10 years the name ExamPrep has stood for professional university entrance exam preparation. Not only has the number of our enrolled and "graduated" students increased steadily through the years, we have also expanded our educational offerings to students looking to pursue and obtain higher education in Switzerland. Thanks to our courses, many former graduates have successfully completed or are now successfully studying at ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, the University of St.Gallen and other high quality universities in Switzerland.

Anyone who decides to study at a Swiss university stands to benefit from a high-quality quality education leading to a promising career path, as demonstrated by the high position of many Swiss universities and universities in international rankings. Swiss university degrees are highly respected internationally and provide a solid foundation for many promising career opportunities in Switzerland and throughout the world.

For a comprehensive overview as well as details of the conditions and requirements for studying in Switzerland, please visit the Swiss Universities website:

Most certificates issued outside Switzerland are not recognized by Swiss universities and colleges. With few exceptions, prospective foreign students have to pass an entrance exam before being admitted to attend a Swiss university. Every college or university has its own admission criteria, meaning there are institution specific entrance exams - see the last page. Therefore, it is necessary to start planning for your studies as soon as possible and well in advance of your anticipated application / enrollment date. The following points have to be considered:

  • The different entrance examinations have different orientations. The ETH entrance examination is predominantly mathematical-scientific, the ECUS exam is more linguistic orientated.
  • Candidates must choose in advance between ECUS and ETH exams, as they both are given at the same time.
  • Since some fields of study and relevant courses are offered both at the University of Zurich and at the ETH, a prior analysis of the offerings and options is strongly recommended because each student needs to determine which options best meet their personal educational needs and objectives. For example, mathematics offerings at ETH differ greatly from mathematics offered at the University of Zurich. Engineering can only be studied at ETH Zurich and not at UNI Zurich. Additional helpful information can be found at the following links regarding the programs of study and available scholastic counseling services at the ETH and the University of Zurich:

  • Because of military service obligations applicable to Swiss citizens, we advise and ask male Swiss citizens to inform themselves about the different ways of fulfilling any compulsory service requirements at the early stage of educational planning and to plan accordingly for the long term so that preparation, entrance examination, and studies are optimally coordinated with each other. The official website of the Swiss Armed Forces contains information about the conditions as a Swiss Abroad and about civilian service follows:

Further information can be found on this page of the Swiss Army website:

For detailed information regarding the coordination of the various degree courses and the military, please contact the ETH Zurich Military and Study Coordination:

What do we offer?

ExamPrep offers specific preparatory courses for entrance examinations to ETH Zurich, Swiss universities, colleges of education and polytechnics. Our offer is aimed at all persons who have to complete an entrance examination for admission to their desired degree program and those who would like to complete their basic scientific knowledge prior to starting their studies to facilitate their entry into the university.

Our courses can either be attended as one-to-one courses or be tailor-made to meet individual needs. This ranges from the 2 annual course for the comprehensive ETH entrance exam to individual lessons for specific subjects and can be combined with correspondence learning and the 11 weekly intensive course.

If an admission decision by the university is not yet definitive, the student can also make a change in the middle of the course year. We are available to advise you based on your personal circumstances.

In accordance with the previous education and the current knowledge of German, the students complete the course modules corresponding to their knowledge level for an optimal exam preparation:

Further information about the offer

  • All courses are also called 2-year courses selectable.
  • One individual course entry is possible at any time after consultation. This course variant is particularly attractive for:
  • Members of the Swiss Army
  • Persons returning after a pause in their studies.
  • Students who want to prepare for a degree in science or medicine.
  • Students who are still abroad and who would like to prepare for our intensive course.
  • Individuals who want to refresh their knowledge of individual topics after a long break such as for family reasons.
  • Professionals who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of specific subjects during or after a working career.
  • We offer language licenses for a web-based language learning program. This allows you to learn different languages ​​independently online during a term of one year.
  • Missed lessons can be reviewed via access to our in-house video system archives. In-House-Videosystem be reworked
  • Students will automatically gain access to our Online learning system offering practice exercise tasks, solutions, query tool, and learning guide with thousands of questions.
  • The number of course enrolment spaces is limited. Registrations are confirmed as of the date of receipt and crediting of the course fee.
  • Individual lessons can be booked as private tutorials.


When and where does my entrance exam take place? Do I have to provide proof of German language level certification?

The exact examination dates will be announced at the latest in January of the respective examination year. Because they are subject to change by the specific institutions of higher learning, the information given in the table concerning the date and place of the tests are not guaranteed; students should regularly consult the direct internet pages of the universities to monitor the respective examination regulations of the applicable institution. The links can be found on the next page.

Different entrance examinations require different German language level certifications:

All entrance examinations are conducted in German. You should have good German language skills so that you understand the oral and written questions at the exam. We teach the ExamPrep lessons in German in order to make the required material available to you as quickly as possible. You learn technical terms, definitions and concepts in German right from the start of the program.

We offer additional German lessons as needed. You can also book private tutorials in all other subjects.