01 October

Learning techniques and tips

Titelbild Blog post "Lerntechnik-Tipps"

What knowledge and skills do you wish to optimize with our learning technology tips?

Successfully completing a university degree is not easy, especially since all students have certain school subjects which they can or must learn better. Then there are those subjects which are quite difficult for them because of interest level or subject matter, and with many important facts, definitions, and technical terms, that must be master to successfully pass the subject. That is why at ExamPrep we have developed a modern learning system that contains both the necessary subject information and many useful learning tips, all designed to prepare each student for success.

Here you can determine what you want to improve and how you can use our learning tips to achieve that improvement:

  1. Learn with index cards and query systems, both proven to be effective.
  2. Better timing
  3. How to formulate realistic and achievable goals and objectives.
  4. How to write good summaries and reports.
  5. How to develop or improve reading skills, which facilitates better retention.
  6. Emergency program for short time frame intensive exam preparation.
  7. Mind Maps - skillfully constructed, clear, and easy to use and understand.

In the following blog you will get more specific learning tips

You can experience subject-specific information regularly in clear blog articles, because of course there are different approaches to different subjects. There is something for every direction and every type of learner!

20 October

Learn math

Titelbild Blog post "Learning Mathematics"

How do you learn mathematics?

Learning math only works by doing math.

For school mathematics this means being able to learn formulas and solve mathematical tasks.

For some students studying math can be quite frustrating. For example, it can be difficult to successfully complete homework even though you were in class. Then there are those students who think "I just cannot learn math"?

What are possible difficulties?

The statement "I cannot solve this task" can mean some additional possible causal factors need to be assessed:

  • Maybe I do not know or fully understand some of the terms contained in the task text.
  • Maybe I do not know or cannot remember exactly what it is I have to do to solve the problem.
  • Maybe I just get stuck somewhere in the process and can find no solution, or my solution is wrong.

To be successful with passing math, it is important to ask yourself if any or all of these three points is the problem for a particular task or topic (eg exam preparation). It is necessary to first identify the problem to be able to solve the problem!

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