Distance learning ETH Zurich / ECUS examination / University of Zurich / Matura

Our distance learning program enables individualized exam preparation via the e-learning system for the following examinations:

  • Direct entrance exam ETH Zurich (comprehensive and reduced)
  • Direct entrance examination - University of Zurich
  • ECUS exam
  • Passerelle exam
  • Federal Matura

Either comprehensive courses or individual subjects can be taken via correspondence. Registered students have personal access to our online learning system with an integrated query tool:

Our distance learning course is precisely tailored to the exam questions of the respective entrance exam. Each topic is divided into specific blocks:

  1. Theory: Comprehensive analytical assistance with understanding the entire text and / or specific pages in the textbook.
  2. Summary: Intended to achieve a holistic overview and understanding of the topic.
  3. Exercises and solutions: Intended to establish a confident approach to learning and problem solving, including assisting the student with clarifying areas of uncertainty.
  4. Examination tasks and solutions: Applicable to both the oral and written exam parts and sorted by level of difficulty. Especially valuable for students as they train over several months in advance, using original exam questions and getting to know the exam format, content, and develop and practice a strategy for achieving success on the exam.
  5. Glossary: Constantly expanded and revised content to provide assistance with identifying and retaining important terminology.
  6. query tool: Allows training with subject specific learning cards containing definitions, technical terms, important examples, and original exam questions from the oral and written parts of the exam(s).

A few numbers about our e-learning system: In Mathematics, we offer around 500 page script, 780 practice and 160 original exam tasks. In addition, there are about 1370 learning cards in the query system. In physics, 185 exercises are available and about 1000 learning cards. In all subjects our offer is steadily expanded and qualitatively revised.

Which components of our program can also be booked as a correspondence learning course?

  • All of our preparation courses - (ETH course, ECUS course, university course).
  • Individual subjects within each course (for example - subject math in the ECUS course)
  • Blended Learning: Any combination of distance learning with our classroom courses in Zurich; With good education to a subject, it is possible to independently build its material in distance learning and to attend only the appropriate exercises and tests or even to learn everything by distance learning. Our team will be pleased to advise you on which combination is the most effective individual and enables the passing of the exam with good results.


course requirements

  • Good knowledge of German (at the beginning of the course at least at the end of level B2 *), as both the e-learning system, the lessons and the entrance examination are in German.
  • Good knowledge of English for ECUS and the University of Zurich (minimum level B2 * at the beginning of the annual course)
  • A high level of diligence, realistic assessment of one's own competencies in each subject, self-discipline and organizational skills. Learners in distance learning create their own learning and working structure, which is given in the classroom by the time frame conditions, the lesson schedule and the teachers. The e-learning courses are divided modularly into shorter subject sections. A learning and working instruction is included. Additional advice is given by the school management or - in the case of content-related questions - by the respective teacher.

* Language levels as determined by the European Reference Framework (CEFR).

The following table shows the weekly total hour classroom teaching commitment for each course.

For more detailed information regarding subjects and lesson numbers in the individual courses, please refer to our Course Descriptions. Individual differences in learning effort and capability can be considerable depending on educational background and individual student personal study habits and other individual characteristics and personal circumstances.

Dates for the online / attendance courses

Course entry: Online at any time, classroom on request - usually also possible at any time.

Course data: Online at any time according to your own needs, classroom courses per teacher's lesson plans.

Course registration, costs and payment terms

For the online course you can register at any time by e-mail. The number of students who can attend the classroom is limited. For this reason, the applications will be considered after the date of the credit of the course fee.

Separate price sheets contain details of our course prices, copy and teaching material costs, and full information regarding our payment terms and conditions.

We look forward to your personal contact by phone or e-mail.

If you have any questions, our experienced team will be happy to assist and advise you further.