Explained the ExamPrep e-learning system in 5 simple steps

The advantages of our e-learning system are that the five learning modules with trial exams can effectively and sustainably close learners' learning gaps. Newly acquired knowledge is remembered so well.

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The first step of the learning system consists of question and answer cards.

  • Based on the best-known proven effective file card learning system. Leitner
  • Real user interface because response cards can be labeled with your own individual comments, notations, and graphics.
  • Proven to be the most effective way for most students to memorize subject matter quickly and thoroughly.
  • Our repetition algorithm leads to sustainable, long-term retention learning.
  • The questions are developed by well-qualified teachers from our school, reflecting their knowledge and experience.
  • Proven in practice and valued by our students as an indispensable tool
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Definitions of technical terms

This part consists of technical terms and the associated definitions, often with an explanatory example.

  • For a quick look at ambiguities
  • Indispensable, as they are used correctly in the subject-specific classroom, so learning really starts
  • Especially for non-native learners elementary
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Exercises and solutions

This part of the learning system consists of exercises adapted to effectively coordinate with the other learning modules and the corresponding solutions.

  • Systematically structured exercises for the individual subject areas.
  • Step by step solutions to help you learn and can also be applied to the next task of a similar kind, assisting you in determining which questions you have to ask yourself in order to move ahead in the task and master the material.
  • Annotated solutions: Solutions are explained in a practical and step-by-step manner, making them easier to understand.
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The last step consists of using teaching aids that have been proven to be effective over many years.

  • Provide access to specific knowledge based learning areas.
  • Provide the structured learning approach needed to succeed.
  • Helps the student to know exactly how well prepared they are.
  • Written and compiled by experts with years of experience in exam preparation.
  • Tested and proven effective in the actual learning environment.

Sample Tests

  • Intended to show you your current knowledge and progress.
  • Knowledge gaps can be identified and effectively closed.
  • Practice and familiarity help take the fear out of the "real" exam.